July 24th, 2008.


The phone rings at 7:30 for our wake up call.  The boss had tried to use the ipod docking station for an alarm but it didn't go off.  Good thing we had a call too.  She heads into the bathroom to try out the shower while I lounge around in the bed a little bit more.  I'm not looking forward to packing and leaving. 

I turn on my cell phone and realize I have a voice mail from Cory.  As I listen to it, he relays that there was a bomb threat at Bellagio the night before, and their taxi wouldn't take them directly to Bill's.  While I'm listening I blurt out an an S bomb and the boss looks at me.  I relay the story and wonder about how things are going to go when we decide to check in.  No time to worry about that now (I suppose).

Eventually I'm in the shower and I take my sweet ass time.  I ask the wife about the 4th time "what time is our breakfast reservation?  9:30?"  She looks at me and reminds me it's indeed at 9:00.  Oh crap, I better start packing.  Everything gets thrown in our suit cases and I haul them downstairs by the entry way.  Right on time Christine shows up to escort us down to the Mansion.  She had previously told us that only "invited guests" (people with at least a 6 figure credit line) or Skyloft guests are able to take advantage of this breakfast.  We're in for a treat.

We walk down the hallway leading to the West Wing Bar only to take a sharp right through a heavy gate.  We pass the Mansion baccarat tables that I've seen before thanks to Mr. Scotch.  At the end of the hallway stands a huge man in a suit.  Christine says "breakfast reservation for Mr. and Mrs. X"  With a quick "thank you" we're on our way.  Christine leaves us and we're seated at our table. 

The atrium was beautiful.  I was trying to soak as much in as possible.  The temperature was perfect and with the sounds of the fountain and all the awesome tenderly cared for vegetation around us, we were in awe.  Before the menus were handed to us, I managed to take a few pictures.

Mansion villas?

Behind me.


Random plant shot.

Directly left from our table.

Empty table.

Another villa shot.

We were the only ones seated and I counted four tables in all.  After looking at the menu I landed on a salmon and cream cheese bagel with shaved onion, sweet tomato and cappers.  Angela (the boss) decided to order her own custom made frittata.  She had crab, tomato, avocado, mushroom and fresh chives.  I also ordered an ice tea, while the boss stuck with water. 

The food came out shortly.  Again it was almost too pretty to eat.  Almost.  As we were having breakfast I noticed the staff would periodically peek at us through the window to see if we needed anything.  They never really came by other than to refill out water and to take away the balled up Splenda packet I used in my tea.  They keep an eye on you, but from a distance so they don't crowd you.

The bagel was awesome.  At first I was worried it wouldn't be filling enough, but it was.  I didn't put any onion on mine, but did do a thin layer of cream cheese, salmon, and tomato.  The bagel was toasted and the salmon was very thinly sliced, and fresh.  No fish smell at all.  The tomato was crisp, and slightly sweet.  Put it all together and it was excellent.  I eventually tried a bite with the cappers, since I'm not a huge fan of them.  Eh, ok.  Ang's frittata was great too.  Her meal was accompanied by some small golden potato's that had just the right amount of red and yellow sautéed peppers.

Decorative lemon tree.

Behind me on my right.


Bagel presentation.


One last fountain shot before we left.

It was an expensive breakfast, but since this was a foodie trip we were ready.  Total bill before tip came to $56.  Again, I was charged for a bottle of water (Evian).  I told Ang "I'm getting tired of paying for water."  She concurred.  Everything was very fresh and the atmosphere took the experience to a new level.  One quick room charge and we were on our way out.  The host asked if we'd like an escort to the main floor, but we declined. 

It was at this point we had told Christine we'd like to have our bags waiting for us in our limo / Maybach (whatever was available) so we could move over to Bellagio.  We stopped by the VIP Skyloft lounge and had a car pulled up.  We had to wait a few minutes, but it was just enough time to check in with the grandparents at home who were watching our little people.  A swift and comfortable limo ride to Bellagio and we had our bags checked. 

There was a slight line, but nothing horrible.  Ang and I each stood in a different line in a race to see who could get checked in first.  She was worried the room wouldn't be available right away, but I didn't have such concerns.  I had "people." 

I take a few random pics as I'm standing in line holding the prior night's Joel Robuchon dessert bag.  Within a few minutes I'm in front of a clerk.  I didn't want to try the $20 trick, because again....I've got people.  We check in without any problem, she compliments me on my driver's license picture, and proceeds to tell me I'll need to head to the right down the hallway and take two lefts while I'm collecting the room keys.  This at first caught me off guard since I've always had to go through the casino to get to my room.  Then in sinks in.  We're in the Spa Tower.  Alright, no problem.

Bye bye Skylofts. (sniffle)

Limo time to the Bellagio.

We snatched a few waters.

Reading material anyone?

Behind the Bellagio check in desk.

To the right of where I was standing

As we're wandering we pass Sensi and Jean Philippe with the chocolate fountain going.  I say "Hrmmm....we should get something sweet from there later on."  The boss says "Hey, anything in moderation at this point, and I'm in."  Little did she know I had something in store.....

We flash our room key and get in the elevator to the 15th floor.  Our room was 15-634 which was the first room off the elevators.  Perfect. 

The room key works on the first try, and we walk in to our standard room with a partial lake view.  But what is this?  I wander over to the desk and say "Hey boss, check this out." 

I emailed the concierge months before and put in a special request.  I wanted some champagne chilled and waiting in the room, with a rose, and three pastries from Jean Philippe.  I also asked for a card reading "Happy anniversary, Kevin and Angela compliments of Bellagio."  She was amused and happy at the consideration. 

Now first a little side note about the pastries.  When I first sent the request the concierge emailed me back saying "I'm sorry, we can't do that...blah blah blah."  I emailed them back saying that a casino downtown had no problem full filling such a request when I was in town for a buddy's birthday.  As soon as that email left, they promptly emailed me back saying "I spoke with the Concierge Manager, and we can complete your request....yada yada yada."  Yeah, bow down biatch!  Just compare them to Binions and they're all over your request. 

In any case, they brought up four pastries, two bottles of chilled water, chocolate covered strawberries, the requested champagne, rose and card.  The water and strawberries were extras I didn't order.  I'm wondering if that's going to show up on my bill.  Time will tell I suppose.

In any case, I earned major points for that.

"Wha? What's this?"

Shhh.....I really paid for it. It wasn't complimentary!

Hope they only charge me for 3 like I requested.

The entire spread.

The cheapest bubbly Bellagio offers.

Nom nom nom!

From here we just settled into the room, popped open the champagne and waited for the bags to arrive.  I snapped a few more pictures of the room and the mini bar.  The bags showed up in no time, and I also had the bell hop fill our ice bucket.  They're all bending backwards to accommodate us, and I'm eating it up.  Our view wasn't the best I've had at Bellagio, but again it was a partial view.  It should have read "full parking lot view."  But it's all good.

Bathroom sinks.


Steam shower.

The Bellagio bathroom offerings.

Floor from the entryway. No idea why I took that pic.

Our view to the left.

View straight ahead.


More of the Bellagio.

City Center construction.


More bubbly and the boss has the TV on CNN.

I don't remember a lock on the mini bar from my last visit?

Standard Bellagio mini bar selections.

Don't move anything!

And don't touch anything on top!


We called Tiffany and Cory to meet us so we could get on with the plans for the rest of the day.  The girls were going to hit the pool while Cory and I were going to find trouble somewhere else. 

While I was unpacking I noticed the safe was already shut.  I called the front desk and the polite lady told me "You have to program your own code!"  Um....yeah....well duh!  But see biatch, the safe is already LOCKED so there's not much I can do at this moment.  I'm smarter than the metal locked box (I think) so I need you to send someone up here to get this resolved.  She says she'll send an engineer right up.  Cory and Tiffany are downstairs so I head out.  Just as I'm leaving I see a security guard and engineer outside my door.  "Are you guys here for the safe?" I ask before I get on the elevator.  They are, and it's a good thing I asked.  They needed to see my license to prove I'm in the right room and I'm the one who called.  Turns out there was a cell phone, money, and keys in there from the prior occupants.  That blows for them. 

Cory and Tiff come up with me, and once back at the room I pour them each a glass of bubbly and we dig into the sweets I had delivered.  Cory gives me a hard time about forgetting our low roller roots.  I blame it all on the boss.  Girls like lavish things.  I snap a few pics of the mini bar prices just so I can remember how expensive things are, and the boys soon depart.

Mini bar - page one.

Page two.

Let's dig in!

Another angle.

Cory and I walk out of the Bellagio and decide to head over to O'Shea's.  Time for some beer pong! 

We make it over there fast enough, and the first thing we're greeted with is a dealer asking if we'd like to play 1 to 5 Texas Hold'em.  "One to Five?" I asked?  I hate limit games to begin with, but I'd much rather play $3/$6 or $4/$8 than something like that.  We pass.  We ask a dealer where the beer pong is played at and he points me in the general direction towards the back.  We find the 6 tables, and order two pitchers.  The bartender asks if we want 6 or 10 cups each.  Since I haven't played since college I just ask for 6.  I have no idea what I'm doing.  "That'll be $3.50."  Eh?  Three fifty for two pitchers?  Um, okay.  I lay a five on the bar top.  When he comes back he looks at me inquisitively and says "what's this?"  I told him it's for the beer pong.  He kindly tells me "You think you can get two pitchers for three fifty?  Do I look like a moron?"  Um.....well, never mind I'm not going to answer that.  At first I thought "wow, there are still some deals to be found in Vegas."  No, turns out it's 23.50.  Guess I heard what I wanted to. 

We pay up, take our two (mini) pitchers of beer to the closest table and setup our 6 cups in a pyramid shape.  You're each given a warm cup of water and a ping pong ball.

Quick rules:  Basically bounce (or toss) a ball into your opponent's glass.  If you make it, he drinks the glass.  Rotate turns until one player is forced to drink their last cup.  Anything the winning player has in front of him also has to be consumed by the loser.  Got it?  Alright, let's get into the action.

About the 3rd toss of the game I sink the ping pong ball into a copy of Cory's.  I struck first blood.  He wasn't too happy about my jubilation.  We were catching stares from people in the food court, but eh, we didn't care. 

We continued to exchange tosses and drinks for a few minutes.  Then a woman (about our age) runs up and says "Oh my god, I have to get a picture with you guys.  My friends in Texas won't believe me there's beer pong here."  Alright whatever.  We pose while the bartender takes the picture.  We're internet celebrities after all, so we're used to that kind of thing (yeah right). 

The game didn't last too long.  I managed to get the ball into Cory's last cup of beer while I still had three sitting in front of me.  That's right SUCCOR!  Drink that!

Game on!

The setup.

First blood is mine!

The pressure!

What? You have to drink again, already?!

I am the champion! Cory is the loser!

What's that you're tasting? Oh yeah, DEFEAT!

I took pity on Cory and finished my own beers.  He was feeling dejected enough, plus I needed him semi sober for tonight when we all head out to dinner.

As we're walking out, I'm texting Mr. Scotch about the ass whooping that just took place when a guy comes up and says "hey, you guys want passes to any of the strip clubs?"  I say "well, maybe free cover, and round trip limo transportation and we'll talk about it."  To my surprise he retorts "I can do that.  How about the first few round of drinks free, too?"  Now he's got my attention.  He gives me the spiel about how he gets a buck every time someone uses a pass he gives out, and he works for tips.  So he says "For $20 I can hook you guys up.  I can also give your wives some passes to the male clubs."  This is when I say "Well, are you going to be around here?  Let us think about it..."  He totally picks up on my queue and says "Wow, it's interesting how talk of tips changes the conversation, isn't it?" all while looking me straight in the eye.  I had to give him credit there.  Instead of dragging him along I said "hey man, I don't want to waste your time, I know you're working, but thanks anyway."  He nods, and bolts out the door without being a prick.

From here Cory and I wander back towards Bill's since that's where they're staying.  We have some time to kill before I get my 3:00 shave at Bellagio. 

Hot babes, that want to meet ME?

Up towards City Center.

And another.

The Bellagio from where we are.

We arrive and I decide to sign up for the player's card.  I ask the girl behind the desk if I can talk to a host since my brother in law and his wife didn't get the fruit basket and champagne we ordered them.  They help us out a lot when we need a sitter for little people, so we thought we'd do a nice thing for them.  Especially since it was Tiffany's first time to Vegas.  But noooo.....  the "host" I talked to over the phone a few weeks earlier apparently dropped the ball, and it was never delivered to them. 

I end up talking to the bellhop named Mike.  He says he would have been the one to deliver it since he's been there 19 years and didn't receive such an order.  I left a voice mail for the one host that works at Bills.  He doesn't get in until 3:00.  I leave my name and cell number.  Off to gamble!

Cory and I decide to play the Texas Shootout game.  I can't tell you exactly what the name of it was, but basically it's like Hold'em only against the dealer.  You get two cards and can bet the flop, turn and river.  If your cards beat the dealer, you win.  It's a game the casino has a heavy advantage in, but we let it fly anyway. 

From the start I was making a killing.  I nearly doubled my $100 buy in within the first few hands.  That never happens.  For my first drink I requested a Baily's and coffee.  Cory went with the rum and coke.  As the hands continued I switched over to water.  I was treading water and Cory was up and down throughout the game.  But, I had to cut it short since I had a 3:00 shaving appointment across the street.  I confirmed the plans to meet up back at Bills around 4:15 so we could head out for dinner. 

I took my time walking back to Bellagio and snapped a few pics along the way.  I managed to get back to the Salon faster than anticipated so I wandered through Jean Philippe to take a some pictures of the chocolate fountain and their wonderful offerings.  Shortly after I checked in for my appointment and in my boredom took a few pics of the salon entry area from my seat.

This is for my baby. "That's how we roll!"

Awwww....how cute. It's FOREVER dude!

Chocolate fountain.

What to pick....

More selection over here.....

And yet more over here. I liked the carrot cake.

And yet even more.

More of the chocolate fountain.

Ceiling inside the Bellagio spa waiting area.

Main entry area. Elevators to the gym on the right.

Art to my immediate right.

Window looking towards the conservatory.

"Now that's class!"

I was greeted for my shave in short order, and to my surprise this time it was a female.  In my two professional shaves prior I've never had a female barber.  She introduced herself as "Luba" from Chicago, but originally from Russia.  Cool, let's do this. 

Sigh......I must say I was immediately turned off during the experience.  Luba had CNN on the TV.  I was hoping she'd take the initiative and turn it off, or turn on some music.  She was polite enough, but I was hoping she'd take the first step in making me comfortable.  Or at least offering to make me comfortable.  I was hoping for some more old time Vegas tunes to come through the speakers like my last experience at Mandalay Bay's Art of Shaving.  Okay, maybe I'm being too critical.  I'll wait and see what happens.

She starts with the first hot towel and I soak into the chair.  She offers to take some pictures after seeing the camera in my hand.  I hand it to her and get back to my relaxation.  She basically tells me my skin looks like hell, and she'll be gentle.  Great, thanks.  I know I'm 30 years old and have some acne, but come on.....

She shaves with and against the grain and the foam she uses is nice and hot.  At this point I can't get over the fact I'm hearing McCain and Obama talking on CNN.  I'm on vacation, I just want a few days where I don't hear about the Presidential race or the world's problems.  I just want to enjoy this moment for what it should be.  About now I don't have the heart to tell Luba to turn the TV off and again try to get into my shave. 

After a mint mask and another towel she turns the TV to Ellen.  Are you kidding me?  I get to listen to Ellen Degeneres now?  Wonderful.  Again, I don't have the heart or balls to speak up, and at this point just want to get the shave over with.  She finishes in short order, and after my last towel I sit up.  Right now I'm just ready to be on my way.  I didn't run my hand along my face as I should have.  I tip her a $10 for her efforts and tell the host to charge the rest to my room.  Frankly I think I over tipped for what I received.

Say "cheese" fella!

After the first swipe. Check out that horrible skin! God damn acne.

The mint mask applied while I'm listening to Ellen.....yawn.

I felt scuff along my jaw line with the first pass over.  This has never happened when I've been given a shave before.  It was on both sides and not just in one spot.  I'm sad to say I was disappointed with her efforts.  She was nice enough, but not thorough enough.   I regretfully say I'd have to give her a C- in all the shaves I've received (not just in Vegas).  I'm thinking I'll be going back to the Art of Shaving at Mandalay Bay next time, regardless if I stay at Bellagio again.

From here I head upstairs to our room and meet the boss who's getting ready after a day at the pool.  We're out of the hotel within short order and head on over to Bill's to meet Cory and Tiffany.  I manage to snap a few pics of the fountain show from our room while I wait (girls....what can ya do?).

Fountain show to Elvis.

Zoom in.


Alright, from here it's off to Mandalay Bay as we have 5:00 reservations at Red Square.  Our cabbie proceeds to tell us a few dirty jokes and is a real "one of the guys" type.  For any of you that want to know, why hippos screw (he didn't use that word) under water, send me an email.  I'll send you the punch line.  It's a real winner...  Yeah, he had a few of them like that.  The women are cool enough and weren't offended, but he was certainly a piece of work.     

After paying the fare, we wander inside to find Red Square since that's where we're dining tonight.  We were again early so we all wandered around.  Cory took a note out of MikeE's book and became a motor boating son of a bitch with the statue on the way to the shark reef. 

We walk into Red Square and order a few drinks at the bar to kill some time.  I pick up the first round.  I order the Chernobyl.  Angela orders the fruit infused martini.  Tiffany opts for the Red Dawn, while Cory picks the Lenin's Kryptonite.  Total bill before tip came to around $50.  Shortly after receiving our drinks, a host came up and asked "Mr. X party?"  and we were seated (Thanks again to the Skylofts - preferred seating).

Are they built for speed or comfort?

Stalin's head!

Ice bar.

Menu, page one.

Martini menu, page two.

On the wall.

We didn't sit over there.

Above the front door.

Lenin's Kryptonite, Chernobyl in the middle, and Red Dawn.

Ang's fruit infused martini.


It's made out of cinnamon and sugar.

Mine wasn't served in a martini glass which I was disappointed in.  When we first arrived and ordered I asked the bartender (who wasn't busy) if we could "somehow" see Stalin's head in the vodka locker.  He said "it's up there" and pointed to the above shelf.  I was hoping we'd see the locker (without buying a $200+ bottle of vodka), but not this time. 

Once the menu was scanned we all decide on our selections.  The boys are treating their respective lady to dinner tonight, and I start the night with a USSR vodka flight.  Tiffany and I each order the chicken kiev, Cory lands on the Roquefort Filet Mignon, and my bride orders the lobster claw alfredo with a caesar salad.

The vodka flight, caesar salad and bread selections came out rather quickly. 

USSR vodka flight.

Caesar salad.

Bread selections.

Vodka by the bar. (bad pic)

Ugly lamp behind us.

Ang's fruit infused martini.

The ceiling.

One bread selection had kalamata olives and cheese.  The other type of bread escapes me at the moment.  We each took turns sampling the vodka flight.  We could taste marginal differences between each, but if you mix it with any other ingredient, I felt the individuality would have been lost.  I tried a bite of the salad and it was great. 

Within a few minutes our entrees arrive.  Being the foodie that I am, I take snapshots of each.

Cory's Roquefort Filet Mingnon.

The boss' lobster alfredo.

Chicken Kiev.

Split open.

Making progress...

I'm done.

The chicken kiev was good.  The mushrooms that accompanied it were luke warm which was a slight turn off.  The cheese on the inside was a nice melty gooey mess, which is what I was looking for.  The rice was so-so.  No complaints.  Towards the end I had a hard time putting another bite in.  It filled me up.  For dessert, the boys decided to split an espresso martini with their respective lady.  In the meantime Cory decided to have some fun with the red square ice block on our table.

Cory fingering the red square...

"High five!"

Yeah, you eat that!

All done!

Espresso martini with white chocolate.

All done with the booze.

In short order the bill came due and we each paid our respective shares and left.  After a quick bathroom break we opted to hit the cab stand.  It was time to introduce the ladies to some cheap gambling downtown.  And nothing says "cheap gambling" like the El Cortez. 

I'm the guy in front of THAT guy.

Bill....no one likes bills.....

Mandalay Bay leases their establishment. Can't charge to any MGM property other than MB.

Fountain outside Red Square.

A $27 cab fare later, we're at the famed El Cortez.

"M" is for "Mens Room"

Pics on the wall outside the restrooms.

Side note, did you know Bugsy Siegel's once bodyguard (named Fat Irish Green) returned a suit case full of cash ($300,000) to mob boss Meyer Lansky upon Siegel's death and received a life time comp of a suite at El Cortez with food for his loyalty?  Fat Irish Green lived on the top floor of the El Cortez Hotel with free food and free board.  A few years later (17 to be exact in 1963) when the El Cortez changed ownership to Jackie Gaughan (a bookmaker from none other than Omaha Nebraska), the new owner found it outrageous that there was a "freeloader" in his new hotel.  He called the prior mob boss owner and asked for an explanation.  He was told Fat Irish Green came with the property.  Apparently Benny Binion owed Jackie Gaughan a favor and agreed to take upon Fat Irish Green's food comps at the Binions hotel, but that's all.  Room and board was still comped at the El Cortez.  Sometimes it does pay to be honest.

We wandered over to the quarter roulette tables and settled in.  Cory bought in for Tiffany, and I bought in for Ang and I.  I gave her the basic run down about the bets.  Betting on one number, two, four, a row, a color, odd, even, etc.  I basically said the tote board is for superstitious assholes, but hey, go with whatever floats your boat.  Pick some "lucky" numbers and go for it. 

She hit a few numbers, but like us all, mainly missed.  I actually had to buy in for another $20 while she was still staying a float.  At one point she said she wanted to bet on odd and even.  I said "um, honey.....no." and explained why.  Bless her heart, this was the first time she had ever sat at a table game, so I give her credit for that. 

Soon the $3 blackjack table caught my eye and I moved over there.  The girls wander off to find a slot machine.  Cory is still working at the roulette table, and I begin betting anywhere from a single $3 hand at blackjack to two $6 hands.  I'm running in place and by the time the boss finds me again, I'm about $10 down.  Eh, okay.  After walking around the corner I find a $5 mini baccarat table.  Are you kidding me? 

Last month I watched MikeE and Mr. Scotch wager a minimum of $25 a hand at the Mirage high limit room.  So hell yeah I sat down.  I did the whole superstitious thing.  I let the big stack bet first (in this case was $500).  Typically I followed suit.  When I had a feeling it was going to be a different outcome than the rest of the table I sat out.  I even won a tie bet that I placed which was nice.  The players were nice, and it was a good experience.  I paid off my commission and left a few more bucks down.  Not a big deal.

Yes, the prior night I was sleeping at the MGM Skylofts and eating at Joel Robuchon, and tonight I'm downtown playing quarter roulette and $5 mini baccarat.  What can I say, that's how I roll.

We tell Cory we're ready to find someplace new and he shoves about three stacks of 40 chips each onto a single row.  So....that's what?  $30?  Of course this time his row misses and he busts.  We wander outside.  Thankfully no one is standing outside waiting to stab us in the neck so we head towards Fremont street.  Ang notes a store selling footballs / boots 3 for $10.00.  I contemplate it for half a second but dismiss the idea since I don't want to be carrying a bunch of crap around town.

This seems familiar......

A random pic.

By the Walgreens.

Cory shows the love.

Footballs and "DAS BOOT!"

The ladies wander into Walgreens to do some souvenir shopping.  Alright by me, one less thing I have to worry about.  To kill time, Cory and I stop at Fitzgerald's to use their lovely restroom and then sit by the main entrance playing the Wheel of Fortune slot machine.  I fed that bastard $30 and didn't get anything.  Not a single win, no sort of bonus round....NOTHING.  Screw you, Pat and Vanna!  Within short order the ladies came walking out and we continued on our journey.  I received a call from Anthony saying they were playing some poker at the Plaza.  I mentioned we'd work our way in their direction and meet up with them soon enough. 

The Fremont Street Experience was happening so I snapped a few pics.  There certainly were some characters out tonight, let me say that much.

Eat it Pat and Vanna!

Just because I was bored.



More Oooh and Ahhh....

Seriously, did Santa wet himself? What the hell? Rock on, Santa!

Both good questions.....

Good to know....

Cory and I convince the ladies to walk into Binions with us.  The guys have a bet going.  At $100 to 1 Cory and I bet regarding the spit on the security camera the last time we stayed here (what, 13 or 14 months ago?).  If the spit was still caked on the camera I'd owe Cory $100.  If it wasn't, he'd owe me a buck. We wander back to the hallway between the slot machines and the poker room and seriously spent the next 5 minutes pressing the respective elevator buttons so we could personally scan each elevator.  We'd send each elevator to the highest floor possible and try to get the next available elevator so we could scan the camera.  We only got through three out of the four.  We'll give them the benefit of the doubt and call the bet a wash. 

I posed by the Binion's poker table and we soon wandered to the bar and ordered some drinks. 

Once again I meet up with the Binions table.

Screw you, Marcel Luske!

Cory with his drink.

Gin and tonic? Cranberry and mailbu.

Tiffany with her tequila shot.

Bud Light. It does a body good.

The girls decide on trying a deep fried twinkie, in addition to a football so we make our way over to Mermaids. 

The guy asked me what I wanted and I belted out "can you put some cheese in that batter?"  He looked at me inquisitively and asked why?  I said, "eh, you can take a dump in it for all I care, I'm not eating it."  That line never gets old (to me).  I guess there was something wrong with the fryer, so they couldn't make any Oreos.  In any case, we got the ladies a twinkie and Cory and I each got a safer hot dog. 


Cory with a weiner on his face. Nothing new there...

The boss tries a twinkie.

She couldn't finish it.

So they got some cranberry and mailbu rum footballs.

At about this point we're wandering into the Plaza to meet up with Anthony and Amy.  I find out the poker room has moved to a different corner of the casino.  We find them in short order and Cory and I sign up for a sit and go tournament.  I watch a hand at the cash game where Anthony is dealt pocket aces.  He ends up making the nut flush and I watch the carnage ensue.  It was pretty nice. 

The ladies wander off to find a slot that gets their attention.  I note the stain on the chair next to me, and opt for a different one.  Amy is on my right followed by Cory.  Anthony is about 3 seats down on my left.  The cards are put into the air. 

About 20 minutes into the tournament I double up with an 8 4 when I turn the flush and my opponent calls with top pair.  A few minutes later Cory is busted to the rail.  I mumble to Amy on my right "it'd be nice if I could see a pocket pair, these cards are horrible."  She agreed.  Sure enough that next hand I'm dealt pocket queens.  I raise all in hoping for a single caller.  The action comes back around to her and she contemplates her actions.  I tell her "if you don't call, you're not invited to the next home game."  I guess that was enough and she has me covered.  The cards are turned up, and I have her Ace-Queen dominated.  That is until an ace comes out on the flop.  I hate poker.  I don't find any help and I'm booted to the rail.  It's all good though.  A few hands prior she busted her own husband when he moved in with pocket 6's and she called with pocket 9's.  She's a machine and ends up taking down second place when she's out flopped by a low set. 

That's what I say when I see naked women. "Shazam!"

I'm not sitting in whatever that is!

The women losing at slots.


We collect our respective spouses and find a cab to take us back to Bill's.  Ang and I check out Cory and Tiffany's room.  Turns out that the fruit basket was delivered (finally), and I snapped a few pics of the room and such.   They had a nice view of the fountains and the Bally's Jubilee sign.  If you're an ass guy, this is the perfect room for you.  After snacking on the basket a bit, Ang and I wander back to Bellagio. 

Fruit basket finally found its way here.

Another angle.

Bill's bedroom.

From the corner to the door.

Let's dig in!

Fountain view.

Towards the strip.

Their nice flat screen TV.

The other view....nice...

Once we get back inside Bellagio we decide we're still a little bit hungry.  Noodles is open and it sounds decent at the moment.  We wander in with no wait in sight. 

We decide to split an appetizer, tea, and some soup between the two of us.  The wonton curry prawns, dumpling noodles and hot green tea are our selections.  The food comes out fast enough, and the service was fine.  No complaints.  The curry was nice and spicy but I'd hardly consider our appetizer "prawns."  They were rather shrimpy in my mind.  The dumpling noodles were good.  Plenty of noodles and the broth was nice and warming.  The tea was scorching hot so we had to let it mellow a bit before indulging. 

Noodles, right by the pai gow tables.

Appetizer menu.

One of the other menu pages.

The boss mentally wandering.

Green tea.

Curry "prawns"

Dumpling noodles.

It was decent midnight food.

One last bite dipped in spicy curry sauce.


The total bill came to $30.71 before tip. 

After our midnight snack we crashed, and crashed hard.

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