First off, let me preface with what our little project is all about. 

Cory and I got around to talking, and coincidentally we both wanted to build our own poker tables.  Ironically we both were browsing the web at various times researching the project and trying to grasp what all is involved.  Since both of us have never really built anything with our bare hands, we were a bit leery of the idea of power tools, measurements, cutting, fabric shopping, and the "if you fuck up, you start over" concept. 

We both had agreed that we wanted to create a "Junell" style table.  We must give credit where credit is due.  We're copy cats, but he built the nicest looking poker table we could find on the net.  All the other tables we found were your basic casino style table.  We wanted something nice that we would be proud of to have in our house.  Junell nailed this one out of the park, and we were envious.  So, we had to copy his design.

One of our problems was that we both wanted the same table.  So we were both going to be building a table at the same time.  That meant double the costs at the same time.  But, that also meant we had double the working man hours during the same time frame. 

If interested, please read more on our table building progress. 

The steps we took:

  1. Materials and Measurements
  2. Initial Cutting
  3. Cutting your Rail
  4. Cutting your Race Track
  5. Padding the Rail
  6. Applying Vinyl to your Rail
  7. Cutting Your Cup Holders
  8. Padding Your Center Insert
  9. Covering Your Insert
  10. Attaching the Table Legs
  11. Polyurethane and Your Race Track
  12. Cory's Finished Table
  13. Kevin's Finished Table

If you have pics of your home built table, we'd love to have them viewed here.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at or post them to our forum